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I’ve made a career out of being in the wrong place at the right time. If I just stand still for five minutes… wham! Something funny and worth writing about will happen to me. I’ve accidentally sky dived, been stalked by crazies, and even ran off with a real life White Rabbit.

My writing history began humbly enough when I started an underground newspaper in Catholic grade school. I was threatened with excommunication by the nuns so I went further underground. I’ve packed many adventures into my life excusing even the disasters as “material for my next book.”

For six years I traveled the United States listening to men reveal their darkest secrets for my book, The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men & One Woman. When I was finished with my odyssey, I pulled a blanket over my head and refused to come out until I discovered the secret to staying sane. I now write criminally funny fairy tales ripped from the headlines… shaken, not stirred, and served with a twist and a chuckle.

I’ve been blessed with wonderful fans. I love each and everyone of you!

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters

Wendy and the Lost Boys

London Broil

Zo White and the Seven Morphs

The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men and One Woman


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  5. Just followed you, darling, and left a Zo White review on Goodreads. Became of fan of you there too, because, after all, I am one of your biggest fans!